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Download Instagram Photos and Videos  : Instagram is one of the Most used Apps both on iPhone and Android store.There are more than 300 Million users on Instagram.Instagram allows you to share your Images and Videos.It is used by hundreds of celebrities for various purposes.Some People use it for Business Purposes to promote their product,some use […] Read More


Last Updated on : 17-August-2017 sites like omegle : Online video chat is fun, Since the evolution of Yahoo chat rooms,more people got interested in finding out the best websites to meet strangers.Fortunately,Omegle is one of those Video Chat Online site which let’s you connect and talk to strangers.Now a days more websites are coming […] Read More

Working Omegle VPN

Omegle Captcha

Omegle VPN : Hello Everyone,Omegle is the best video chatting website to meet up with strangers,it is purely for time-pass.But sometimes omegle Bans you for no reason.When you are banned you can still unban omegle by changing the IP Address of your Computer/Laptop/Tablet by using VPN’s. I Found a VPN that works with omegle without any errors,it has […] Read More

How to Get Rid of Omegle Captcha ?

Omegle Captcha

How to get Rid of Omegle Captcha : Omegle is a best website to meet strangers without signing up (or) revealing your details while talking to a stranger.But,Omegle has some cons too.It bans users sometimes when they find their behaviour or activity suspicious.We have written how to get rid of omegle ban in our previous […] Read More

8+ Best Free Cloud Storage Websites

free cloud storage

Free Cloud Storage : Cloud Storage services are great to share large amount of files over the internet,Cloud Storage services makes large size file sharing easy. If you want to share Movies,Videos,High Quality Images you can share on the cloud storage and send the link to your friends/family with whom you want to share your […] Read More