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سناب شات

Note : The Article is not written by a Native Arabic Speaker,The Article has been written in English first and then translated using some third party tools.If there are any mistakes in this article,Let us know we will correct the mistakes.  تحميل سناب شات لجهاز الروبوت / دائرة الرقابة الداخلية :   سناب شات هي واحدة من […] Read More

iphone screen recorder

How to Record Screen on iPhone/iOS Devices : Screen Recorders are one of the best yet easiest way to Record small clips,Snapchat stories,Create a tutorial on your iPhone.But you cannot record Screen of your iPhone/iOS Device nor there are any apps on the appstore which lets you record your own screen.It's because apple doesn't allow […] Read More

How to Screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing

How to screenshot on snapchat without them knowing : Snapchat is a great app,Almost every teenager out there uses snapchat everyday to tell stories to their friends using snapchat.Snapchat is different with other apps on so many levels.It's not like any other app like Facebook or LINE where if you screenshot a conversation,the other user won't […] Read More

Omegle VPN

Last Updated on : 07/Sept/2016 Omegle Banned : Most of the teenage guys use this website to meet strangers online thinking they would get laid one day,but they won't.Seriously,How are you gonna get laid with someone who is hundreds of thousands of miles far away from you.Most people on Omegle are Desperate and this is why […] Read More

How to Use snapchat Geo Filters


How to use Snapchat Geo Filters  : Snapchat has introduced Geo-Filters in 2014 and has got tremendous response.Through Snapchat Geo Filters you can tell your friends wherever in the world you are, using a filter beside your picture. Let's say you went to Bangkok and you are at some place in Bangkok.While you are snapchatting,Snapchat determines your […] Read More