How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos Easily

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Download Instagram Photos and Videos  : Instagram is one of the Most used Apps both on iPhone and Android store.There are more than 300 Million users on Instagram.Instagram allows you to share your Images and Videos.It is used by hundreds of celebrities for various purposes.Some People use it for Business Purposes to promote their product,some use to Promote their upcoming Films/Movies,Some uses to show off.Unlike Facebook,You can’t Download Instagram Photos and Videos Online It’s because Instagram doesn’t lets you save Photos and Videos of your Friends (or) Celebrities.But there are certain things through which you can Download Instagram Photos and Videos.

There are two Methods to Download Instagram Photos and Videos

  • Using Viewing Browser Source
  • Instagram Photo Downloaders & Instagram Video Downloader Tools.


Using Viewing Browser Source to Download Instagram Photos and Videos(Recommended on Desktop/PC/Laptop)


You can only download Instagram Photos and Videos using this trick only if you are on PC/Laptop/Desktop.If you are on any other device like Tablet/Mobile/Smartphone,go for the next Method.

There is no rocket-science in this trick,All we are doing is reading the source code and finding the code to download images from Instagram server.It’s not that hard to find the code,Even if you have zero knowledge of programming and coding you can still find the code and download the Image/Video you want to Download from Instagram.

To Download Instagram Photos and Videos using Browser source Viewing follow the below steps.

Note : If you can’t view images clearly,Click on them to get zoomed view or clear version of the image.

  • First Go to the Instagram Account/Profile you want to Download the Image from.


  • For Ex: I Want to Download this Nature Image from Instagram,I’d go to the profile/Account and right click and select view source or Just Press CTRL+U and you’ll see the list of codes.On your Keyboard Hit CTRL+F and type .jpg.Now you can see all the Images that are hosted on the Instagram Server of that specific Profile like in the picture below.


  • All the highlighted Words are Images from that specific Instagram Account/Profile.Make sure you select the last code like in the above case 44 of 44 which is highlighted in red with an arrow at the top.Copy the code that is highlighted in the Red Box and paste it in new window/tab,when you paste the Highlighted Code you will get the image see below for example.



On the Image,Hit Right Click and Hit Save Image as… and the image will be downloaded to your desktop.So,This is the tutorial for Download Instagram Images Online 

How to Download Instagram Videos ?

Downloading Instagram Videos is pretty much same as the above one.

To Download Instagram Videos Follow the Below steps.

  • Go to a Instagram Video that you want to download and Press CTRL+U from your Keyboard.Since there is no view source option on Instagram Video.Press CTRL+F and enter .mp4 as shown in the below image.


  • Copy the URL and paste it in the new window.You will see the Video being played,If you have some kind of Download Managers like Internet Download Manager the pop up will come up as “Download this video”
  • If you don’t have any kind of Download Managers,Right Click on the video and click Save Video as.. or simply press CTRL+S and save the video on the desired location on your computer.


Downloading Instagram Photos and Videos using Instagram Downloaders/Tools[Recommended for Smartphones/Tablets]

There are some tools/downloaders which will let you download Instagram Photos/Videos Online and there are some tools that you need to Download and Install Apps on your Smartphone/Tablet.I’m going to post both methods

1.Online Tools

2.Apps to Download Instagram Photos and Instagram Videos

Online Tools to Download Instagram Photos and videos online

Download Gram

Download Gram is one of the best tools to download Instagram Photos,to Download any Photos from Instagram all you have to do is,follow three simple steps.

  • Go to the Picture you want to Download from the Instagram and Copy the Image URL (like shown in the below image – The Red Coloured Highlighted one in the Below Image)


  • Once you copied the URL,Go to and Paste the URL there like shown in the Image below.


  • First Click on Download so that it’ll grab the Download Link and then click Download Image,
  • Your Image will be opened in a new tab – Right click on the Image and click Save Image as.. and save it anywhere on your Laptop/PC/Smartphone/Tablet

Instagram Video Downloaders

To Download Videos using Instagram Video Downloaders,Follow the three simple steps as listed below.

  • Copy the URL of the Video like i’ve shown earlier in the above section.
  • Go to and paste the URL in the search box and hit download.
  • Additionally,You can choose the format you want in like 3GP,MP4,AVI,HD etc
  • Click “Download” once you have choosen the Video Format.
  • Your Video will be downloaded in your Computer in Downloads>>Video Folder.

These are easy methods to download Instagram Photos and Videos Online,We will update with more tools and methods

If you have any questions or if you are stuck at any point let us know through comment section,i will try to solve or help you to Download Instagram Images and Videos

Bonus : Instasave is also an Application,Which lets you download Instagram Photos for Free.You can check it our here

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