[Working* Install GBA4iOS Without JailBreak

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GBA4iOS : If you are not familiar with the term,Let me tell you GBA4IOS means Game Boy Advance Emulator for iOS.In this post,I’ll show you How to Play Gameboy Games on iOS without JailBreak using GBA4iOS Emulator.Many of us played Gameboy when were kids.But,In most parts of the World Gameboy has been discontinued.So,you can use this simple emulator to Run Gameboy Games on your iPhone


To use GBA4iOS Emulator on your iPhone,Follow the Below steps.

Step 1 – Download the GBA4iOS Emulator from the website – www.gba4iosapp.com/


  • After the Download is completed,You’ll get an Error “Unable to Download APP” and warning “GBA4IOS” Could not be Installed at this time.


  • Go to Settings>General>Date & Time and change the time to Before 2012.


  • Again,Go to the Menu and Tap the “GBA4IOS” Icon to complete the Installation.


  • The Gameboy Emulator will be installed on your iPhone without any JailBreak.


  • Again,Go to Settings>General>Date & Time and Set the time to Automatic.


  • Now Go to Settings>General>Device Management and click the “GBA4iOS” as Trust.You will get something like the below image,once you trust “GBA4iOS”


  • For the Last time Go to Settings>General>Date & Time and set it back to any previous date.


  • Finally,Now open the GBAiOS Emulator from the Menu Section and hit the search button on the right side.You’ll get a Google Search.Enter “GBA Mods” in the Google search


  • If Just Blank Page appears,Then Double click and from the menu set the time to automatic like shown in the below image.


  • You’ll see EmuParadise.me,Go to that site from search and you’ll see a list of games there.


  • Select any Game from the given list,I have selected Pokemon Game.


  • Then Scroll down and you’ll find “Download Links” option.Select it,You’ll be redirected to the final download page.Your Download will finally Begin.You can see the progress in the Dashboard Area.



  • Once the game is downloaded,Click on that game to Play the Game.


So Guys,this was the tutorial on How to Download and Install GBA4iOS on your iPhone.Let me know if you have faced any problems through Comment section.


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