How to Get Rid of Omegle Captcha ?

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How to get Rid of Omegle Captcha : Omegle is a best website to meet strangers without signing up (or) revealing your details while talking to a stranger.But,Omegle has some cons too.It bans users sometimes when they find their behaviour or activity suspicious.We have written how to get rid of omegle ban in our previous articles.I’ve been receiving comments in that post like “How to Remove Omegle Captcha” “How to Get rid of Omegle Captcha” “Omegle Captcha” “Omegle Without Captcha“.I’ve decided to write a complete post on how to remove omegle captcha easily.

Before Jumping into how to remove omegle captcha let’s learn why did the captcha popped up in the first place.

1.Omegle Suspected you are a bot.

As you know there are hundreds of bots on Omegle and they’re trying to promote some spammy links or advertising their website.These Bots sends messages as soon as a new chat starts and if you keep skipping fastly omegle might suspect you are a bot and it’ll ask you to prove you are not a bot by entering captcha.

2.Flashing Private Parts

Okay,You might know what i’m talking about you’ve seen hundreds of people flashing private parts and since the site also has users who are above 13 which mean teens.It’ll monitor every video chat and instantly keeps a ban on your IP for 3 days or so.

3.Freezing Web Cam

If you face the webcam to an image or to a wall,While omegle is monitoring it’ll think you are using some external tools or a simulated web cam to fool the users on the site.It’ll put a captcha or it might ban sometimes.

How to Get Rid of Captcha ?

Well,There are 2 working Methods to get Rid of Captcha and are listed below.

  • Contacting Omegle Staff
  • Using a VPN

1.Contacting Omegle Staff :

If you haven’t done anything wrong,You can Contact Omegle Staff using the Feedback section in the omegle website and get it removed in 2-3 working days sometimes it might take upto a week.

2.Using a VPN

When omegle finds suspicious activity from your IP Address they will ask you to put CAPTCHA everytime.Using a VPN you could remove the Captcha on omegle easily.

Read the complete guide here on How to unban omegle in less than 2 Minutes

Rate this post 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (8 votes, average: 1.50 out of 5)

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