How to Record Screen on iPhone/iOS Devices without Jailbreak

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How to Record Screen on iPhone/iOS Devices : Screen Recorders are one of the best yet easiest way to Record small clips,Snapchat stories,Create a tutorial on your iPhone.But you cannot record Screen of your iPhone/iOS Device nor there are any apps on the appstore which lets you record your own screen.It’s because apple doesn’t allow such apps into app store.Because the first priority of Apple is privacy and they don’t want some third party app let you record your screen and has control over the video you create.But still if you want to record your iPhone/iOS Device screen without jailbreak.

To Record Screen on iPhone/iOS Devices like iPad,iPad Mini,iPad Air follow the below steps carefully.

How to Record Screen on iPhone/iOS Devices

Since there is no Official App on App store,You need to Download an Emulator through which you can record screen on your iPhone.

  • First of All,Visit from your iOS device like iPhone/iPad and click on the any logo or simply click the first one.

iphone screen recorder

  • It will take you to the Installation Page,Click Install on the Top Right to Install iOSEMUS

iOS screen recorder.jpg

  • In the Next page it’ll show you the Install button,Click on it to Install iOSEMUS

screen recorder iphone

  • Once you’re done installing iOSemus.Open the iOSemus emulator from the menu.

ipad screen recorder

  • Click on the Menu Tab beside Home Tab and Click on Airshou and Install it on your Device.

record iphone screen.jpg

  • Once Airshou is installed on your iOS Device,Open Airshou from the Menu.
  • You will get an error saying this is an unsigned version and cannot open it.
  • Go to Settings>General>Profiles and click on China Pacific Insurance Group and Click Trust

screen record ipad


  • Now you will be able to open the Airshou APP,Open the APP it’ll ask you to select the Recorder,pull up the Menu from the bottom and click on Airplay>Airshou [Your Device Name] see the image below.

how to record screen on iphone ipad.jpg

  • Make sure you keep the Mirror > ON in order to record your iOS Screen

screen recorder ios

  • Click Done and Go to Airshou APP and click record,Now you can record your iPhone/iOS device screen succesfully.
  • To Find your Recorded Videos,Go to Home>Saved Videos as indicated by arrow.

record ipad screen

  • You will see all your Recordings there,Save them to your Camera Roll

iphone ipad screen recorder

So,This was the easiest way to Record Screen on iPhone/iOS Devices,If you are stuck at any point comment below i’ll help you fix it.

Method 2 : AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder

AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder is an application upon installing on your PC/Laptop,it will show your iPhone/iPad Screen on PC/Laptop and you can take snapshot/Record videos from your iPhone/iPad.Let me show you how it works.

  • First Go to AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder Website and Download and Install the software on your PC/Laptop.
  • Once you have Installed,Open the Software and you’ll see a screen as shown below.


  • Now on your Apple Device like iPhone/iPad Scroll up the Handy Menu from the Bottom


  • Select AirPlay Mirroring>APowersoft[Your PC Name]
  • Now your screen is visible on your AceThinker iPhone Recorder software on your PC/Laptop


  • Click on the Camera button as indicated by the Arrow to Snapshot a picture.
  • To Record a Video,Select the Recording button left to the Camera button
  • As soon as your recording is over,it’ll open the destination folder where the recording is saved immediately.
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2 thoughts on “How to Record Screen on iPhone/iOS Devices without Jailbreak

  1. Nice App, I test it on my iPad mini 2, worked well without any problem. But it crashed occasionally on my iPhone 6, Any thoughts on what else I could check to fix this? iOS and OS are both fully updated. I used to record my iPhone with acethinker iPhone screen recorder, never had that problem.

    1. Could you tell me what specific Message did it show while it crashed ? It works fine on my iPhone 6 and 6s without any problem.

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