How to screenshot on snapchat without them knowing

How to screenshot on snapchat without them knowing : Snapchat is a great app,Almost every teenager out there uses snapchat everyday to tell stories to their friends using snapchat.Snapchat is different with other apps on so many levels.It’s not like any other app like Facebook or LINE where if you screenshot a conversation,the other user won’t know but on snapchat the opposite user will know everything you are doing with their conversations or pictures.If you screenshot on snapchat then a pop-up will show in the user’s mobile immediately telling that you tried to screenshot his/her image.Most people want to Download the pictures of their crush or friend’s on snapchat.But snapchat doesn’t have custom option nor it’ll let you download the pictures unless you are using apps to save snapchat pictures.I have found a working method on How to Screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.

 How to Screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing

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To Screenshot Photos on Snapchat without them knowing follow the below steps.

Method #1 : Works both on iPhone and Android.

Screenshot Snapchat Images/Videos on iPhone/Android.

  1.  Open Snapchat and View the Story of a friend you want to download the Pictures/Videos of.
  2. Once you’re done viewing the story,Click on the Menu button and Go to Home
  3. On iPhone : Swipe up from the Bottom on the Home screen to pull Menu and Activate “Flight/Aeroplane” Mode and wait for 30 Seconds.
  4. On Android : Swipe Down the menu from the above and activate Flight/Aeroplane Mode so that it’ll turn off your Internet Connection in 1-Click.
  5. Now Go to your Snapchat and Open the Story of the friend you want to download the Picture/Video.
  6. Screenshot the image by clicking Menu+Power button,once you’re done Screenshot the Image.Close Snapchat Immediately and wait for at least 30 seconds before opening it again.

This is one of the method on How to Screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.

Method #2 : Works on Android Devices only.

We have posted a list of some apps which will save snapchat videos/Images easily.Do check them out here.

Method #3 : Using Recording Softwares

For Android : There are plenty of recording Softwares on Android Play store,If you are on Lollipop/Above Android Version you will get in built video recording option.Turn on Recording and Record the Story you want to download the image from,Save the Recording and Screenshot the Images from the Recorded Video.

For iPhone : Apps like Airshou and AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder will work perfectly.We have written an detailed article check out here – Snapchat Images/Videos Recording using iPhone Recorder

Method #4 : Just use any other device which has camera and capture the image while the story is running.


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