How to Access/Use Omegle Even if you are Banned

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Last Updated on : 13/Jan/2017

Omegle Banned : Most of the teenage guys use this website to meet strangers online thinking they would get laid one day,but they won’t.Seriously,How are you gonna get laid with someone who is hundreds of thousands of miles far away from you.Most people on Omegle are Desperate and this is why you are here,Because you are banned from omegle and desperately want to access the website.Don’t worry i have found a solution to every desperate omegler on “How to access omegle when you are banned” or “Omegle Banned
I Keep seeing messages like “Omegle banned me“,”Banned from Omegle“,”I got Banned from Omegle“,”How to get unbanned from omegle“,”Omegle Unblocked“,”omegle not working“etc so,i came up with a solution to use omegle even if you are banned

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Omegle Banned

Why Does Omegle ban People ?

Omegle was created by Leif brooks when he was 18 to meet strangers online,not to show your personal assets however most of the people use it the other way around. Omegle monitor every person’s behavior on their website and will ban you if you’ve trespass their terms and conditions.If you are very interested in that part,Omegle has a separate section,which doesn’t gets monitored.After you are banned you will get a message like this “Your Computer/Network is banned for possible bad behavior“.They will Manually unblock your network after 4-7 days.


Omegle Banned

How to Access/Use Omegle when banned ?

The only way you can Access omegle when banned is by changing your Location/IP Address.You can manually change your IP address by assigning a random proxy,but i won’t suggest that method because most of the proxies take 5-6 minutes just for the webpage to load.So,better use the below method.


I’m going to show you a live demo over the shoulder,on How did i Unbanned Omegle in Less than 2 Minutes.


As i said earlier,You require an VPN to get Unbanned from Omegle.Someone in the comments section mentioned that they patched the VPN Method which is not true.I’ve tested some VPN’s and After testing some VPN’s i finally found one VPN that really removes your ban and lets you use omegle


If you are looking for “Omegle Unbanner” or “Omegle Unban” then this article will guide you.


Method 1 : VYPR VPN

VYPR VPN is an amazing tool which lets you use Omegle even when you are banned from it.Below is a picture of case when omegle is banned,


You can see clearly that Omegle is banned on my network.So,I’m gonna use VYPR VPN and unblock Omegle in less than 2 minutes.Follow the below step to get unbanned from omegle.

  • Step 1 – Go to VYPR VPN and Select any Package [You get 25% off with our Special Discount Coupon Click Below to Activate]As shown in the image below and Once you have selected any package the next step is to create your Account on VYPR VPN.Sign up using your Email Address and setup your password.



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Once you’re done creating your VYPR VPN Account Download the VYPR VPN for your Desired Operating System such as (Windows,Apple,Linux etc) like shown in the image below.


  • Step 2 – Once you have downloaded, Install the VYPR VPN in your PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone.
  • Step 3 – Once Installed,Open the VYPR VPN application and Login using your email you created your  account with on VYPR VPN in above step.



  • Step 4- Once you’re done logging into your account,Click on the Location Tab like shown in the image below and select “Show All server Locations…


  • Step 6 : Select any Location,Especially the one which is fast.The faster one has green signal like shown in the image below and select the location.For me Australia – Perth Location is working


  • Once you select the location,Click Connect


  • Once connected,Go to Omegle and it’ll work.See the images below for proof.


  • You can see Omegle has unbanned using VYPR VPN


Get Unbanned From Omegle Using VYPR VPN NOW


Working Method 2 : Using NordVPN

NordVPN is yet another great tool,through which you can Browse Omegle.Basically,You’ll have 30+ locations in NordVPN.That means you can use Omegle even when you are banned for 30 times a day for only 4$/Month [If you opt for Yearly Package].



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16 thoughts on “How to Access/Use Omegle Even if you are Banned

  1. This should be made safe and not allow children under the age of 18 not alloud to be online to be subject to all tge sexual preditors that this site carrie..Its disgusting that people are not screened!

    1. It doesnt allow people under 18, it has terms and conditions.
      You do realise you should be teaching your kids not to go on there also.
      Web developers can’t do the parenting for you.

      1. Actually, it lets you on by yourself at age 18 and with a parent’s permission at 13. Just going to point this out. And just watch your kid on Omegle, but probably shouldn’t let them on there. the dicks… ugh.

      2. It does not say that. It says you can be on omegle under 18 if you have parent permission. 1, that can’t be easily enforced. 2, not many kids tell their parents…


    1. Have you purchased the pro version of the software ? Because in Free Version you can use only one IP Address,But in PRO Version you can use upto 30 IP’s.

  3. I don’t know why people get offended and report people. If you don’t like d**k, just move to next cam. I’m a 12 year old girl and I can figure that out. Some guy f**ping on his cam can’t hurt you.

  4. 50% discount doesn’t work anymore?
    I’d love at least one of these VPNs for other stuff
    But also, every VPN I’ve used for omegle gives me the “error trying to connect to server, please try again” but when I turn VPN off it works just fine

    1. We’ve Added links to New offer which gives you 25% Discount,The 50% Discount Price was 7.99$/Month and 14.99$ from second month.So,we’ve added the new one which gives 6.25$/Month.The VPN is still working i’ve just checked,Make sure to choose the fastest server like shown in the above images.

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