How to Use snapchat Geo Filters

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How to use Snapchat Geo Filters  : Snapchat has introduced Geo-Filters in 2014 and has got tremendous response.Through Snapchat Geo Filters you can tell your friends wherever in the world you are, using a filter beside your picture.

How does Snapchat Geo Filters Works ?

Let’s say you went to Bangkok and you are at some place in Bangkok.While you are snapchatting,Snapchat determines your location and looks up for the filters available for that specific geographical location and let’s you use it easily.

How to Use Snapchat Geo Filters ?

Everyone wants to use Snapchat Geo filters but most people don’t know how to turn them on.I’ll show you how to turn on Geographical filters on snapchat easily

How to use Snapchat Geo Filters on iPhones/iPad/Android

  • Go to your Profile >> Settings or Click the Gear Icon from the Top right


  • Select Manage from Additional Service Tab


  • In the Manage Tab Make sure the Filters are ON like show in the Image below.


  • To Activate Geo Filters,Click on Permissions and make sure you have Enabled the Location.

how to use snapchat geo filters

When you Turn on the Locations,It will determine your location and let’s you use the Available Snapchat filters.

How to Apply Snapchat Geo Filters on your Snaps ?

Once you’ve Enable Snapchat Geo Filters,Take a snap and swipe Right and you’ll see Bunch of Filters like Clock,Battery,KMS [If you are travelling].Based on the location you’ll get few filters,Choose the one that suits you the best.


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