How to Find Girls KIK Usernames [No Bots]

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How to Find Girls KIK Usernames : Kik is an popular mobile app,Although people says they use kik to talk to their friends.But mostly people use it to Find strangers online and talk to them.Most people are looking to meet girls on this app.But they don’t know how to find Girls kik usernames.I’m going to share a method through which you can find new KIK Usernames and keep talking to them.Also,I’m going to post some Pros and Cons,Preventive Measures to be safe on this app.

Alert : Most people are looking for dirty stuff on this app,This is one of those apps that shouldn’t be used without parents permission.

Pros :

  • It’s Free – You don’t have to pay a penny to use this application.
  • Easy Registration – Register in two steps also,Mobile Number verification is required sometimes.
  • Can talk to anyone with a KIK Usernames

Cons :

  • It has lots of bots – I mean a lot,Most of them promoting sh*tty Softwares
  • Lots of Bots = Lot of Spam – It has as many bots as 6000+
  • Manipulation – People Manipulate easily using fake pictures (Read below for solution)

Before going to write on how to find girls kik usernames.I’d like to write something that most people needs to read before going on this App.I’m sure it will only take your 2 minutes of time (No survey or Clicking any links).Just read the below part.

There has been misuse of this app,which has resulted in kidnappings,blackmailing and many more.Read one such case.

This is an anonymous app and anyone can register on this app.There won’t be anyuse this app without revealing their real identity.I’m writing some measures on how to be safe on this App.

  • Always use your Nickname (or) Half Name [Ex : Mary Jane as M.Jane] so that people doesn’t end up finding you on Facebook or twitter and start harassing you.

One of my Friend kept her real name and she became the victim of harassment some guy has made a fake account in her name pretending to be her and sent some dirty messages to her family members because she didn’t talked as he wanted {you know what i’m talking about

  • Many people will try to send Dirty pictures,Block them even they send the next message.

Many People will sending you some worst stuff,Because thinking you’d be interested in that stuff.Block those people As soon as possible,Block them even before they send you the next message.

  • Don’t use your Real Pictures – People may download it and misuse it.

Avoid using your real Picture,If someone from your locality finds about you.Maybe he’ll try to harass you or As it is an Anonymous app – anyone can register on it without being verified his profile by someone from the kik team.There is a possibility,He/she might use your Pictures and potray as “you” and it’ll cause you a lot of problems in future.

  • While you find someone – don’t give away all your information

When you find someone from KIK usernames.Don’t give away all your info which might affect your privacy.Put the Friendship limiting to the app.Don’t giveaway someone your address,your pictures you met few days ago.

  • Stay away from Manipulators – Using Fake Display Picture / Using Fake information.

People on this App try to fake information,Ask them to share a live picture,Ask them to share picture making specific sign like showing (V) Symbol or (five) fingers or thumb finger.If you have made sure he/she is real then proceed.

Once you’ve kept all the steps from above in your mind,proceed to the next step on finding kik usernames

KIK Usernames

You can find KIK Usernames in very simple steps.

  • Go to [website with kik usernames – no registration required] works on all platforms
  • If you want to find someone country / interest specific – enter your Country/Interest in the tags section (see Image below)
  • To Identify Bots / Creeps – Just see their KIK Usernames as shown in below picture.(Esp. the one pointed arrow).They all use creepy usernames like the one mentioned below
  • Some even use fake picture flaunting their body.Don’t fall for it,They’re most probably bots using Usernames like the one pointed in the image.

KIK Usernames

Be safe while chatting with someone,Use your parents permission to use the app and follow the above mentioned guidelines for your own safety.

This guide titled “KIK Usernames” is a guest post written by an anonymous user who wish his identity be not revealed.The original authors has no connection with this article.

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