Omagle – Best Free Video Chatting Website

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Omagle : I’m sure most of you guys have been using different Video Chatting Sites to meet strangers online.We have already Posted Omagle Alternative in our previous posts.

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If you don’t know what omagle is,Omagle is a free Video Calling Website.Which let’s you talk with strangers without registering on the site.You’ll be Anonymous while Chatting i.e., you don’t have a name assigned like other video chatting websites.


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There are two kinds of Chats on Omagle,One is Video Chat the other is Text Chat

Video Chat on Omagle

You’ll find 60% of the Omagle’s Visitors on Video Chat Section.If you are new to omagle,Below are some steps you have to follow for your own safety

  • There are number of Bots on the Website,Skip them immediately

How to Spot a Bot : You’ll be seeing N*de pictures/Websites/Games/Numbers on the Video Section as soon as you see them,Skip them because it’s a bot.

  • Do not Give Details to strangers – As you’ll find a complete stranger on the website,Don’t give them your real name or your Social Networking Profile Details.As,there are certain cases where the strangers had harrassed the girls/boys
  • Don’t Show Private Parts : Most people will fake their cam and keep recording the Video of your Chat.Many people have became the victim of this thing.So Better not to Show Private Parts not only on Omegle but anywhere on the internet.
  • Do not Talk to Fake people : You’ll find most of the people fake their cam using MagicCam and other softwares,They will keep running fake cams.If Omagle Filter spot the Fake cams,They will notify you saying “Stranger is using a stimulated camera”.

Text Chat on Omagle

If you don’t wanna video call,You can use Text Chat and can talk to strangers using your common interests.But be careful,While Text chatting because the stranger might not be the guy what he claims.Also,Stay away if someone asks you for your Social Media Profiles.

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Rate this post 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (2 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)

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